Janni Younge Productions

Take Flight

Take Flight is a production about finding belonging in a world of otherness. It is a journey across continents to a place beyond appearances; a place we long for but are not sure exists. A collaborative South African-Polish puppetry production for young audiences, Take Flight uses diverse forms of puppetry, song and live performance to create a vivid world in which the two main characters look for somewhere they may be at home.

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Flamingo love.JPG
Flamingo and Nanji.JPG


Produced by Teatr Animacji w Poznaniu (Animacji Theatre in Poznań) Directed and Designed by Janni Younge Scripted by Malina Prześluga Sound Design and musical composition by Michał Łaszewicz

With Marta Berthold Julianna Dorosz Sylwia Koronczewska-Cyris Marcin Chomicki Igor Fijałkowski Artur Romański Marcin Ryl-Krystianowski Agnieszka Błaszczak Karolina Dąbrowska

Puppet makers Grzegorz Fijałkowski Damian Kubasiewicz Mariusz Szajbe Beata Nowacka Katarzyna Ratić